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It seems that the BLOG is accessible again

If you can access - we can start using it again.

Tomorrow Full Class

We sit for Full Session tomorrow from 10.30 am onwards.

Today is Hartal

I am very happy to be able to post on the BLOG after a gap of 7 days. This is causing a lot of trouble. However, it is heartening that today we will be working from home and I will be posting things on the BLOG.

The following students shall work in the assigned manner.
Nishat - Work on the Essays and Chosen Major. Start writing the Common App essay.Washeq - MUST work on the Essay - I had such a tough time with you dear!Argho - Keep working on the BOOK assigned.Umama - Work on the essays chosen. Must start writing on the Chosen Major EssayNimmi - Work on the Common App essay.Nila - Common App essayNahaz - Must start writing on the Chosen Major EssayNawaz - Must start writing on the Chosen Major EssayRaidah - One common app essay and one Chosen Major EssayAdnan - Keep working on the Assigned BOOK.Shabab - Will be working on Essay Topics of the selected Lib Arts Supplement Essays.
Everyone MUST send me their plan for the next 48 hours.
Keep looking for more BLOG posts.