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My Notes on "Transition in Art and Idealogy"

I understand that the title is a little flawed as I could not include the Ideology part in my talk. However, I would very much like all of you to take note in the way transition element should be addressed in your own writing. I have included the pictures of my own note-pages.

Friday and Saturday Meetings

Friday: Silmee, Tasneem, Raisa, Samiha, Era, Afsara, Amreen
Saturday: at 7.30 I will only meet Shafat, Rakeen, Sowmma

Amreen will work according to the following schedule:
Submit TWO tests from Kaplan Writing Book - by 7.00 pmSubmit TWO essays - by 7 pmWork on Vocabulary items from 7.20 to 9.00 pm

A report from Dearest Zareen - upon Watching QUEEN


A Reminder

I will be in the class from 7 - but only ONI will attend at 7 am. The rest of you can come from 8 am onwards. Has anyone attended TEDx this year?

All Alone

The last two days were the most hectic workless days for me. I went this and that direction - my own children showed no mercy in making the best use of me. The driver could not come as he has a cold - I had to substitute in spite of my cold and had to go to Bangla Academy for a second day. Met the faces I longed to see - pretended that I was not happy to see them - and had to rush the children to another program at 3.30 pm.

I am working alone today - the children are absent from home - I have a mountain of work waiting. I do NOT want to be visited.

Happy Late-November to everyone.

I have just finished reading a 2 page writing titled "A Different Day" - I wish the title was a little different from what it is.

A Day in Bangla Academy

It was a day with lot of young and enthusiastic people who came to a sparsely-trodden Bangla Academy ground. For those who are used to Ekushe Book Fair will surely see a new face of BA. I was accompanied by 3 of my home-reared cubs and met a wild number of class-reared children, many of whom look perfect in their prime. But alas - with only one exception of Shabbir - no one from the current was to found there. Shabbir looked perfectly at home - I loved watching him from a distance. Also met a large number of ex-Anglophilites. Let me recall their names [to check my memory as well]: Musarrat (ex- Grinnellian turned flutist), Alia (ex-Duke turned Artist and education advisor), Samira (ex-Grinnellian turned writer-cum-poet-cum-journalist), Preetha (ex-Hamiltonian turned Activist), Maliha (ex-AIUB turned writer & dancer), Esha (ex-NSU turned Sr. publication manager at Bengal Foundation), Sabah (ex-AIUB turned development-Economist), and 3 other names I can't recall! But they were s…

I am very sick and unable to take class tomorrow

I will be taking rest for the whole day tomorrow. But at 11 I am going to attend Hey Festival at Bangla Academy. May be if any one of your is interested should attend it too. I know that Era and one or two are attending.

If I am unwell [severe headache] tomorrow, I will go to Hey Festival on Saturday.

I have good number of tasks pending from the following people.


I will need at least a WHOLE working day - so, it seems that I will be working on my own till Saturday. I hope to meet everyone on Sunday - either join 8-11.30 session or 12-3. Please check of BLOG posts tomorrow.

If I have missed NOTING any other works in the above list - please send me a mail. And I am very happy to note that yesterday almost everyone was there in the Theatre - I felt wonderfully alive when all of you came out of the hall. I will post my short handnote on the theme "Transition in Art and Ideology" - let's say tomorrow.

রাজা এবং ... Tomorrow's Theatre Class

Our class tomorrow will be on the following title: "Transition in Art and Ideology". I will prepare a handout on this issue. The lecture shall take place inside the auditorium and along the green-room corridor.

The lecture will be followed by a performance of highly-acclaimed performance of Tagore Play RAJA. This will be the LAST theatre show for 2014-15 application season. Full attendance expected. Tasneem, Afsara, Raisa, Ritwik, Adib = MUST NOT miss.

Shahidul Mamun has a virtual cameo appearance at the beginning.

Time: 6.30 pm
Place: Shilpakala Academy Experimental Hall
Ticket Price: 100
Reservation: 25 Tickets

Physics Major and Modern Art: Shafat's Jamil's Report on 16th November

Physics is not a very easy subject to pursue. There are thousands of researches going on concerning it. Even amalgamation of physics with chemistry, biology and computer science are taking place. Out of all these areas, it was really tough to find a proper research project for me. In College X most of the researches are Biology related. And most of the researches in Physics are based on Particle and Nuclear physics. But I found my interest in Optical physics. The college has some on-going researches in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. I have read few things about uses of AMO in our regular life. But College X researches, regarding this area, are only on Coherent Control, among many hundreds of uses of AMO. I haven’t read it in details yet. I am trying to find researches, similar to this one, in other universities. Then I will be capable of writing a proper Why Major. A Liberal Arts education rarely prepares us for specific jobs, but it teaches us how to learn and adapt. So aiming…

Silence - Dehumanization - Philosophy: Things we are working on today

Aesthetics of Silence
Dehumanization of Art
Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

We finished reading the first two items in about 1.5 hours and had lively discussions after finishing each of these. The third item is the BEST after Russell - the book is just 119 pages with 19 pages of Pictures and Photos - making the book a Super-fast read.

Please read and keep talking.

No Class on Friday

I shall work alone.

Back to School and Others

I understand that a few of you are strongly persuaded by your schools to attend classes and tests for this week. I am MORE than SURE that this is NOT going to hamper our work. Rather, it will be a fresh change. It is also true that you will be attending school for the LAST few days of your life. I envy you and wish you a very enjoyable week there.

I will be working for 10 hours tomorrow - starting from 8.00 am. I hope that I will be able to send your essay-reviews and introduce further works for each of you.

Writing a WHY Major Essay is a big task that none has completed so far. You could invest some good time in this respect. 

I am taking a Day OFF - to finalize a good number of Documents.

We all meet on Wednesday - I work alone tomorrow. You are ALL requested not to visit my place.

আজ নতুন নাটক

আজ আমরা শিল্পকলা একাডেমিতে নাটক দেখতে যাব।

Name of the play: KONKAL
Story: Rabindranath Tagore

Time: 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm. [1 hour 30 Min]
Ticket: 100

It is a hoped that you ALL take part in this very crucial meeting. I intend to take you to the GREEN-room so as to give a feeling of how a PLAY is manufactured.

It would be very helpful if you inform me through an SMS. Please bring any number of Friends, Relative, Parents.

Tomorrow SUNDAY Schedule

I will be in class tomorrow from 9 onwards. I hope we shall meet at least for some time. As you all know that ALL the universities have extended their deadlines till 10th Nov, I will be willing to prepare at least ONE ED for th 10th Deadline. But you must be willing to believe that this deadline is actually till ... [talk to me in person for a specific date]. Those who want to apply for a mid-Nov ED, I think that at least ONE more might be possible.

I hope everyone will feel relieved. Meet tomorrow. And if you arrive early - wait for me.

SAT-II Performance Reporting

Following students are requested to report immediately after they see this note.

Era [report received]
Afsara [report received]
Fahim [report received]

Best 20 min Physics Preparation Guide

According to RAISA this is the ultimate - prepguide.
Physics Preparation Guide

You are advised to give full 3 tests in the morning.

No class attendance needed on Friday.

Our Work Today - Tomorrow - Day After

As you are fully aware that SAT-II preparation has already started. Only Shafat and Rafiuzzaman are appearing SAT-I exam. Yesterday we all sat to discuss some EXTREMELY crucial issues regarding Application to the Univ/Colleges. One such crucial information was regarding the deadlines, and how the colleges treat the Deadline Issue.

I am satisfied to say - I see the prospect of sending 2 more ED by 15th November - but those who are planning to apply to top universities they will be discouraged to apply ED.

At the same time I would appreciate it very much if ALL of you send me your latest progress report with SAT-II. You must remember that SAT-II scores will be FAR more important than SAT-I.

Please regulate your Eating and Sleeping time so that you do not have any physical stress on the morning of Saturday.

I hope some will make some observation on this item tomorrow

Interview of 14 year old IIT rank-holder

It is a good idea to keep calm and refuse to become calculative

The ED season has come to an end. Many martyrs, and few mortals. Even fewer those who kept a calm head - one of whom had just sent me a report on John Donne's poem "Twickenham Garden". And the calculative-minded still counted another feather of success. 
Emergency meeting on Tuesday from 7.00 onwards. We start at 8 am. I have asked (ORALLY) a few NOT to attend me until further notice. 

The first one is from Hemingway