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Our Myriad Works Today

We had our first full-day class of the season. As expected everyone was more-or-less unprepared for the Mock. Apart from Mock, following things were done in the class today. Islam came to class with a bagful of books - Great Gatsby, Sons & Lovers,A Passage to India, Takes from Shakespeare etc. SAT Essay: Analytical Criticism (Syntax, Structural Unity, Periodic Sentence, Personal Reference, Generalization V. Specific Example, Self-reference, Direct Quotation, Diction, Metaphor & Alliteration, Creation of Emphasis, Rhetorical Question)D H Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers" introduced"Great Gatsby" and the History of Roaring 20s and its moral universe.Roaring Era – Cyclic unemployment, Veblen’s book “Theory of Leisure Class”, the Stock Market Crush of 1929, Eric Hobsbaum.Reporting the experience of giving the MockWe had some strongly-worded advice on Why Major.

Why Reading!

Because reading secures your future - in both Social, Spiritual, and Financial terms. We have to reach the unreachable through our formidable pace in reading. But Reading MUST have a purpose - because we have limited time. And your reading MUST be documented in some form - otherwise you will not be able to make use of it when needed. In other words, you are encouraged to be able to Rcall+Remember+Revive each and every piece of writing that you will read.

Therefore, you need three things:
Good HealthExtraordinary Level of ConcentrationMethod (Remember the Shakespearean Quote in Hamlet "Here's a Method in Madness")

Our Reading Assignments - a Few Observations

Current Logophiles students have just SOFTLY started to wake up to the reality of Application Works. Like every previous year, there is a general lack of Cultural Exposure and hardly any reading at all beyond Textbook acquaintance. Naveen, Rafi, Rufiyat, Adiba, Ramishat, Sanjeeda, and Tahsin - all of you are required to look through this blog-post very carefully and send me your reading updates. Samira, Samrin, and Ashfi are also requested to follow this plan.
Since, I am always prepared for this, there is a whole page dedicated to what the students shall do part of 'initiation process' - the page can be found on the BANNER - Books Film Theatre. In the past THREE weeks I had been trying to put this thing straight - that NOTHING can replace ones's preparedness for application to US colleges. In the same time we have started a "Poetry Week" and already made a few names a part of our class discussion. One can see a list of poets' names hanging from the inside p…

Logophiles Seminar on USA College Application Briefing Session

This is actually our FIRST post for 2017. A lot of things happened in the meantime. We have some very good news in terms of admission and a few stories that could really inspire future Logophilites. Today we have Mayisha Rahman (she is originally from Sunbeams) who is going to Bryn Mawr. She had a very exiting talk with the students present here today. She principally talked about applying abroad, learning about application process, choosing the right kind of college, even a few words about location of a particular college. Mayisha particularly talked about the importance of amassing an extraordinary amount of information, writing about strange materials that need to be mastered for preparing a very informed and intelligent pack of essays.

I insisted on talking about writing a very solid "Why Major". Mayisha talked about how to handle the pressures of so many dimensions - pressures from school, from tutors, from overenthusiastic parents, from relatives who have successful st…