Sunday, September 25, 2016

Four-line Verses on Cigarratte

Here is an advertisement for cigarette that was published on an Indian Film Magazine in 1848. Can you identify the verse's author and find out the links in our BLOG that discusses his poetry? There is a clue in the pic as well. Can you find out the modern practitioner of such poetry in English - he is someone descended from a Kashmiri family and received recognition in the West. In 2014, we did a long critical paper on his poetic craft.

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  1. The photo gives away the poet's name, 'The Pamanas would have completed OMAR KHAYYAM'S paradise'. This is our blog post which discusses the poet in context of other similar poets:

    Also I strongly suggest all my friends at class to revisit the posts of 2014 to illuminate our course here.


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