Reading Report on "College: What it was and Should be"

I just finished reading the reviews and introduction of College by Andrew Delbanco. I think we are all aware, to some extent, of the problems discussed in this book. But as we are least bothered about actually learning so, it is not even an issue. My friends are spending fortunes in universities, stressing themselves over exams and grades, but at the end, it all just to survive the competition or the inflation. 

It got me thinking  for a while about the colleges I would apply to. This book has helped me believe in my decision, that I should not study just for the sake of getting a job but also to become competent. It leaves me thinking, “I don’t want to go to a college where I will be forced to study just for tests, mid-terms and finals, BUT how can I find a college which would help me define myself?” This is why, I have listed this book as a “must read” before SAT.


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