Viber Conference with Ahsanul from Sewanee University

Today, we had a Viber Conference during our morning class at 8.30 am. Ahsanul talked to the students about a few things (a summary of his talk in noted below):
  1. Ahsanul insisted that students who are eager to get "Good" admission should better train themselves into several other things that is NOT connected with School Transcript and Exam Scores/Grades. Ahsanul also insisted that students take a strong interest in Art and Literature as this will show Admissions Committee that the student is fully disposed to think critically and 'out of the box'.
  2. Ahsanul informed the students that he is the first Bangladesh student in Sewanee University after a break of 4 years. He also mentioned that he is currently receiving 85% in Financial Aid.
  3. Ahsanul mentioned that he found his Computer Science Engineering department has top quality resources and provides huge opportunity for international students. 
  4. One very important thing Ahsanul mentioned was that students often make major mistakes in choosing their Major, in choosing Colleges, and by NOT developing a creative-critical approach to studies. May be I will again ask Ahsanul to shed some fresh light on this particular issue on coming Saturday. 


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