Thursday, August 27, 2015

Individual Work Assignments - Our Work Tomorrow - Come Prepared

Tomorrow morning I shall review a few more things about Reading and Writing sections, and Vocabulary. I shall also give an EXPRESS-Train Style review the following works - click the link here: Works of August 2014

The following assignments are given - although this is NOT a full list, and lacks specific details. I would appreciate very if you send me mails with longer details of your individual tasks.

Undergrad Applicants
Susan = Novels and readings from Economic theories.
Azima = Have assigned the "theme" of Comm App. A short-list of books has been assigned which she takes up after resuming classes. 
Bushra =Have assigned a complete theme - but we are YET to find a way of presenting the theme.
Ifrat = Why Major still incomplete - no reading items in the last 3 days.
Labib = Assigned a few reading items including The Stranger
Wasifur = Reading items assigned, research paper in progress (but no news in last 3 days)
Zayeed = Expecting a long list of things that includes a Why Major (research articles included)
Abidur = Assigned some reading items - but so far not a big progress. Assigned works from the Critical Reading Strategies from Barron's that has been mailed (Barron's Crit Reading Strategies has been mailed to all SAT students.)
Procchod = Still going very slow - I am sure that it is not going to stay this way for long.
Afrida = Have been receiving regular updates of readings. We work  on Comm App (priority) after you return.
Maisha = Already working a "guided" essay topic intended for Common App. A good number of reading items, which includes Henry James.
Mahir = Assigned a good number of novels - you should give me a review of your reading by tonight.
Arnab = A few assignments that includes research paper sorting, reading items of novels.
Ishtiaq = A good start we had. Batleby the Scrivener and Metamorphosis
Samirah = Shall not be attending our sessions any more.

Grad School Applicants
Saadman = SOP first full draft in progress - I was expecting additional texts. Completion of the UT Dallas Application, readings from Delanceyplace
Aniqa = Some reading assignments, completion of the NC Application, readings from Delanceyplace

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