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Hello sir,

I know I was supposed to send you this mail earlier, but due to a few problems with my internet connection I wasn’t able to do so. What I want to tell you about is my progress with the Critical Reading Section. The number of mistakes have not decreased much. I still make about 13 - 14 mistakes in total on all 3 sections combined, but I am glad to report that the mistakes are not from the vocab part. Most of the mistakes are from the long passages and maybe 1 or 2 from the short passages. 

One thing about the Vocabulary part is that, I do not know the meanings of many words. My vocabulary is quite restricted. From the beginning of my classes with you, I may have learnt a maximum of 40 - 50 new words. Very insignificant amount. But now I can see that when I am doing the vocab part of critical reading somehow from just reading the sentence and understanding the tone/context of the sentence I can pick out the right words, and I am very surprised to see that it ACTUALLY WORKS!!!


  1. Aren't the two comments highlighted contradictory?


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