Three DAY Plan - the next EMERGENCY

I am fairly satisfied with the responses I received from you all in the AFTERMATH of BIG Day. I am also very satisfied that many of you have now started working with a renewed gusto - although this is NOT TRUE for ALL of you. Most of you have sent me 3-day plan - except fro a few- it is hoped that all of you will send me responses within today.

Some of your parents are pressing for MEETINGS with me - well, there is NO such EMERGENCY. Rather, I feel that now I need to spend more time with my students. Such meetings can only be arranged after 3rd August.

Those of you who are yet to receive any specific task from me - are instructed to send me EMERGENCY mails by today. I will assign you with works and we will resume FULL-scale from Thursday onwards.

You have seen that I have assigned Rakibul with the latest novel by Amitabh Ghosh - River of Smoke. I plan to make him work on a research paper - provided that he is UP TO THE Task. Like all the other novels of past years - I have chosen a novel that is quite ambitious in terms of its narrative sweep - it does require an exceptionally prepared MIND to work on such novels. I have three more novels to assign - it is YOUR DUTY to convince me that you are prepared for the GO. Send me all sorts of reading reports - be ambitious and reckless in your approach.


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