Handling Critical Reading Questions in SAT

Strategies that proved to be effective for critical reading (Saiti did the scripting)

·        The ‘Reading in chunks’ strategy helps in the case of long passages and double passages. However, if the passages are of the narrative type, and include dialogues, reading it at one go might help to give a better understanding of the passage.
·        Very few mistakes occur in vocabulary if we guess the answer before reading the options

·        Paraphrasing is perhaps the strongest of the strategies. Instantly rethinking what one has just read using own words will help to effectively guess an answer without seeing the options. This prevents one from falling into trap answers, or pondering between answer choices.
·        Line markers drawn all over the passage before even beginning to read the passage automatically draws attention to the referred lines, so there is less need to reread the passage again.
·        All these strategies effectively improves time management.
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