Sunday, September 28, 2014

Invention of Love

In 2014 someone from our class went to Paris - they say it is the city of the romantic sojourners. But no, this time our student is unaccompanied by any romantic partner. She had her family with her - I am sure that she had one of her best moments there in that celestial city. But I am also sure that in a not-so-far future she will again encounter this city with an 'appropriate' company. She brought back a copy of Invention of Love by my favorite playwright - Tom Stoppard. I had a stormy night that day in late summer. And how lucky I am to be blessed with a copy bought from one of the grandest bookstores on planet - Shakespeare and Company. 

Here I make TWO links to Stoppard's plays - both are brought out by American Conservatory Theater.

Read the WHOLE booklet from the first link. This takes you to Stoppard's World of Poetry. Read only pages 20-21 from the second link - see how much our own class shares the spirit of learning.

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