Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why Major - further instructions - no less than 7 items rejected out of hand


Today we had an extensive lecture about the Why major essay. It was very informative in my opinion and we were given a lot of tips as well as insight about this particular essay.

Firstly, this essay is required to show an awareness of the peripheral issues of our topic. We can not just talk about our major (whether it is engineering, life sciences, sociology, literature or anything else,)without addressing the issues that affect and surround it. To gain this peripheral knowledge we need to research, explore and use our creativity as well as delve into the latest developments of these field from SEVERAL universities, SEVERAL perspectives. 

Secondly, our essay should have the awareness that we are presenting a certain society or community and not just a singular topic. We need to look at the big picture while also focusing on the little things. A tip we got, was to start the essay with something not directly related to your major - this will not only make the essay different but also will show that you are not ignorant to everything besides your major.

Lastly, we need to casually show that we have a full-length understanding of those particular disciplines  (the plural form of the word is underlined strongly) without appearing to be a show-off or know-all. We need to be a person with "cold logic and a warm heart".

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