Monday, September 14, 2015

Double Mock Tomorrow - Individual Assignments

This is to confirm that we shall sit tomorrow for a Double-Mock. Ishtiaq, Bushra, and Azima shall give MOCK on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. We shall use the Princeton 11 Tests for MOCK. You are instructed to bring the following.
  1. Princeton 11 Tests
  2. At least 1 Litre Water
  3. A little Food from home
If any of you have to attend school tomorrow should let me know that. I am also putting down your individual tasks in the following note.
  1. Azima: Will meet School Counselor for finalizing Colleges. Please send me the first 10 names in a mail.
  2. Ishtiaq: Will attend school for MUN Meeting.
  3. Zayeed: Have already sent me Recos - we talk about these tomorrow in between our class. We are yet to finalize the details of Research Paper. I have given a first look at the re-drafted Why Major and found it Readable. We will sit after the MOCKS to discuss the greater details.
  4. Bushra: Have you sent me any Reco? What is the state of your research paper?
  5. Abir: I have received your Reco as well. We need to talk briefly about the Research Paper on Neel Mukherjee and probably finalize the Title of the Paper.Althought I have already rejected your Why Major concept - you will start working on it from Wednesday onward.
  6. Labib: have you informed your attendance of Double-mock? What are the SAT areas you are currently working on?
  7. Ifrat: I have not received any Reco as yet. You have also did not submit any report on Friday Class.
  8. Mahir: You will be attending Double-mock 
  9. Raiyan: Received the compilation of Poems. I was expecting all the other pending reports during the month when you prepared for the exam. 
  10. Susan: Not received any report in the last two days. I was wondering why. I was under the impression that working on the Research Paper would incite a HUGE flurry of activities. 
  11. Wasifur: You are yet to send me Reco for finalization. I have also NOT received anything after Orwell Report. You have sent me review of ONLY 2 poems. Why?
  12. Afrida: It would be a very good idea to send me a list of Application Essays that you are currently working on. Also inform me whether you have registered for TOEFL. I was expecting another BIG reading report based on our class items. What other novels are you working on? 
  13. Aniqa: You are supposed to send me a report on your Vocabulary practice. At the same time are you also not supposed to send me an UPDATED SOP based on the courses offered at the NC. Please clarify your position. 
  14. Saadman: Can you send me your working concentration immediately after your read this mail.
  15. Maisha: You will be working on a detailed reading-cycle on the issues of Post-colonialism and Historiography. Can you inform me your work progress with Esmond in India?

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