Friday, August 26, 2016

Our Works Today

Today's class is indicative of our regular classes that will be conducted during the rest of the month and in September. Here is a review of students' performance.

Promit: Late as usual. Won't be allowed to participate from next class - if LATE. Moby Dick, Can There be Art After Auschwitz, Economics related large number of documents.
Nibras: Not putting EFFORT in his thinking. Never ready to take Excessive classes. Search for Meaning. Moby Dick, Crime & Punishment, GRNTA essays.
Arif: Yet to pick up the spirit of reading and reporting. Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Essays from Granta
Mayisha: Working ONLY under supervised condition. Self-dependency is completely missing. Sophie's World, Sea of Poppies, GRANTA
Jarin: Yet to lift up works even after a LONG preparatory months. Spivak Reader, Moby Dick,
Bakhtiyar: No Work.
Tasnim: Working at good speed. However, there's hardly any tension. Need to speed up and go for crazy reading spree.
Ahnaf: I have not assigned any work as yet. We are progressing a lower speed.

We have done the following items today:

  1. Read an old report from 2011 and went back to read Heart of Darkness from Wiki. He then shifted to the GRANTA article "How to Write about Africa". This was followed by an essay of 600+ words based on the reading of both the novel and the article. I gave a list of words to be included in the essay - irony, juxtaposition, image, repetition, exaggeration, prejudice, Eurocentric vision, pre-conceived notion. 
  2. We accessed an article on BBC History Extra titled "10 Things You Probaly Didn't Know about Reformation". We shall then gradually move to a reformation play "She Stoops To Conquer". And then about Reformation polemic "Areopagitica". 
  3. Here is Shakespeare's own version of Reformation that lives in his plays. 
    1. Shakespeare's Reformation

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