Friday, August 8, 2014

Next 2 Weeks - Works and Days

 We could NOT have started this 2 weeks earlier than this time. There was this 'uncertainty' of students' attendance and there would be this pressure for fasting and festival. I did not receive any signal that would give me a signal that it was the time. So, we are now here - almost mid-August. No student so far has reported finishing the mandatory 7 readings from STRESS-BOOK. Instead of wailing and begging (on my part) - it would be much better if we set DEADLINES for finishing the works and get it done by that time. Every excuse for NOT finishing the task with be dealt with COLD LOOK (on my part). Since we have figured out Mock-dates, find the dates here again. 

8 Aug = Application Work Starts [Saity, Marisa, Raisa]
9 Aug = Application Work cont. [Tasneem - Saiti - Afsara - Soumma - Raisa - Marisa - Zeenat - Tapojit - Ritwik]
10 Aug = Application Work cont. [Coming SOON!] Suggestion required!
11 Aug = Application Work cont. [Attended by - Wrikhesh, Swati, Rakibul, Fahim, Soumma, Raisa, Kaushik, Rakeen, Ajmaeen]
12 Aug = SAT-I Mock [7.30 am - Wrikhesh, Swati, Rakibul, Soumma, Raisa, Kaushik] [1.00 pm - Ajmaeen, Rakeen, Fahim] 
13 Aug = SAT-I Mock [Two Sessions > 7.30 am -  & 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm]
14 Aug = SAT-II (Math II, Physics, Chem, Bio) Mock [Two Sessions > 7.30 am -  & 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm]
15 Aug = SAT-I Mock [Two Sessions > 7.30 am -  & 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm]
16 and 17 = Math DAY
19 Aug and 20 Aug Application Materials Preparation
20 Aug = Review DAY for SAT Mocks
21, 22, 23 = Seminar on Neo-Liberalism at Dhaka University R. C. Majumdar Auditorium

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