Saturday - Tomorrow Timetable

We start tomorrow at7.30 am and continue till 6.30 pm. You can come any time in-between.

Must bring LAPTOP

Today I had one of the MOST fruitful class with the following people: Ishmum, Tasneem, Tapojit, Khairul, Rakibul, Raisa, and Shibli. I am very alarmed to say that all the BARKING is now showing some solid response. Is it not encouraging me to go for more such harassment? You must take this into account. I have been able to make some absolutely stunning propositions. Not only there had been some solid research assignments - but also, which is even far more important - there had been significant intellectual response and opening up of minds. I am tempted to give a few samplers:
  1. Tasneem was given further input for her paper. A little puzzled she looked, but curious.
  2. Ishmum has been given a task which he comprehends most perfectly. I am myself interested in his project outcome.
  3. Tapojit was given a task - I am hardly be able to contain my excitement to hear what he will tell me tomorrow.
  4. Khairul had been given an assignment which is something he was unprepared for - a most daunting task, I will say - results will be decided by tomottow.
  5. Raisa had been given some SOFT work - but I am currently sharpening my teeth for tomorrow.
  6. Rakibul has already mailed me about today's findings regarding his own position.
I am almost feeling boastful. Tomorrow our verbal communication will be minimum - mostly to be done through slip-notes.


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