Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Schedule for 3 days - Thursday + Friday + Saturday

This is to inform EVERYONE that our class has now entered a completely NEW phase with the introduction of individual assignments for almost each of the students. I will SOON post a list of individual assignments to make sure that you understand your individual works properly. I should also inform that I am somewhat satisfied with the general level of progress with Reading Items and Reports. [Do not be under the impression that everyone is working fine - a few of you are still falling behind the right kind of SPEED - and I am keeping track of everyone's work and - REMEMBER, when I swoop on you, I shall show no dignity. Therefore, please work for your life. 
Thursday, 21 Aug - I will be in class and will ONLY meet Shahriar, Rakeen, Shabbir and probably 2 others [let me know whom I supposed to meet.]

Friday, 22 Aug - We all attend [First Day attendance is MANDATORY] the Seminar on Neo-liberalism at the Dhaka University Senate Hall. Please collect your Invitation Card and Program Schedule from me at the Venue Entrance. Everyone shall make a Contributory Registration Fee of 500/- Taka to be paid at the VENUE. Includes lunch + evening snacks & tea at the Senate Cafeteria. 

Saturday, 23 Aug - We attend the Seminar for the Second day [second day attendance is optional] from 9.00 am till 1.30 pm

Sunday, 24 Aug - Class Closed [Work at home]
Monday, 25 Aug - Regular Class Resumed - work for SAT-II Maths

I am very SATISFIED with the pace of progress with MOST of you. Please maintain this for another MONTH and the job is done. 

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