Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mock Weeks in Progress

Image result for AppointmentsOur Mock week is already in progress. We had our 2 Mocks on Friday and Saturday (including a short Vocabulary session on Saturday as well). During the last 2 meetings we have come to the following decisions.
  1. I am HAPPY with the current rate of progress.
  2. We have seen that going through a lot of readings will surely IMPROVE your Critical Reading Scores.
  3. Knowing a strong Vocabulary will surely improve your speed of test.
  4. Leaving Questions Out - BAD Strategy. You must answer ALL Questions. In Math, you may leave out ONE Question. 
  5. In our double on Tuesday - we shall have ONE ESSAY during First Test. 
  6. During the Double-Test day we should try to reduce our number of Math Errors to just 4-5.
Today morning I sat with Abir with his application works - we have selected 2 research proposals and have worked out the Financial Aid Details. I wish to sit with Zayeed tomorrow morning at 9 am and work on similar issues. The others are requested to ask for appointment - please send me your preferred timing for Monday and Wednesday. 

Additional Information for GRAD Students: Please keep working on (1) Lowland; (2) Bombardiers; (3) Heart of Darkness & (4) White Tiger. I will sit with you tomorrow Monday at 1.00 pm. 

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