Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Seminar and its Aftermath

I was planning to write a detailed report on the last two days of Seminar held in the Senate Building of Dhaka University. Before I attempt any such thing it would be more appropriate to record our presence here.

Except for 4 current year students [Afsara, Tapojit, Marisha, Khairul], who are in Dhaka, the entire class was present on the first day. Your presence was significant on two accounts - one of the stated targets of the Seminar was to reach out to young people and enunciate a 'creative engagement' among the thinking people, and thus your presence ensured that. On a more specific level - the participation of the Seminar was meant to bring home the idea that what we are discussing in the CLASS is in no way Isolated - rather, our class is a part of the larger social discourse that is going on all over the world.

On a personal level I have also attempted something unprecedented - this is for the first time that the Anglophilites were introduced with the 'subversive' OR 'counter-ideological praxis' that exists in our society [although the grownups are always so careful not to 'expose' us to these things - because they think that our social and personal goals shall be adversely affected]. It was very satisfactory thing for me to be able to 'show' that 'intellectually significant' people are VIOLENTLY engaged in such discourses - and that they are NOT professionally un-successful.

There would be a large number of things I would like you to take notice from this Seminar. I will add more of these things in the next 3 days. Hope that it will bring more things to your notice.  

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