Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Next 24 Hours's Work

We all arrived here by 8.00 am. Our first discussion was on the selection that I posted last night. Here is the note taken by the 7 who arrived at opportune time. People who are present right now are: Prachy, Era, Shafat, Sowmma, Ahsanul Kabir, Oni, Rafiuzzaman. Here is the text of my talk on the 'selection' posted yesterday.

All translators in fact all Khayyam, Hafiz and Rumi try to see them as not as a representative of a religious culture but as an expression of advent of romantic mysticism. This romanticism was very much there in the pre Christian world but Roman rationality balance and aesthetic equilibrium from European mind. It is true that romanticism from European mind. It is true that medieval poets a few of them and 17th century scholars they wrote verses with a mystic attendance – but rationality again prevails passing through 18th century ( age reason) and 19th century (age of practical wisdom). So when Fitzgerald's poetry appeared late 19th century it was almost ignored until another great pet Christian Rossetti rescues the fame by popularizing it. By the 1st decade of the 20th century if anyone had not read Fitzgerald’s translation in a London literary circle or students' outdoor conversation - the person would be considered positively “unsophisticated.

For those who were present yesterday were instructed to accomplish following tasks:
  1. Send a Math Recommendation [your own text]
  2. College Grid [Name of College & Deadline + My Comment on the Program + Supp Essay Topics]
  3. Personal Statement (1)Talk about Friends -Family -School; (2) the way I look at the world and the way I see myself included in it; (3) all the things I have read
  4. Why Major [to be submitted in 72 hours from now]

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Rafiul Azam, Tahsin Azad and Siam Ashraful took a full day that started with Byron and his poems. We read Byron, a little of Lorca as well....